Wandering the world tasting wine and spirits....✈️ traveling to 🍷 wineries, 🍇 vineyards, 🌍 wine regions, foodie havens, and 🍸 spirits crafters.

Welcome to Wine Wanderings! Who am I?

If you care about Wine, Wine Travel, Cocktails, and Spirits Travel, you are in the right place….I am Tricia High Conover, DipWSET, CSS, AWE. What are those post-nominals about? DipWSET is a Diploma of Wine designation from the Wine and Spirits Education Trust - our certifying body, located in London, England. That’s a Level 4 wine certification. Does my degree make me know everything about wine? Hardly! That’s why we are here…..to learn about each other’s experiences. The CSS is a Certified Spirits Specialist designation and AWE denotes an American Wine Expert - just ask me anything about Indiana and Idaho wines!

And yes, my middle name is really High.

My friends and colleagues are continually asking me for advice on wine, wine pairings, cocktail mixes, and travel suggestions. These requests have prompted me to write this Substack newsletter. Their brilliant forum begs for interaction.

Most importantly, I am an avid wine and spirits traveler. I have been writing about my adventures for 10 years. Some of this “gastro-tourism” has coincided with business travel while in the software business, but most trips were for interviews with my favorite winemakers, master distillers, and travel experts. Family, friends, and colleagues travel with me, and I travel alone, too. I want to hear about your favorite vineyard, winery, distillery, and restaurant in the U.S. and the world. I hope you enjoy hearing about my past excursions, disastrous travel decisions, horrible “corked” wine, best Perfect Manhattan, and optimistic upcoming plans. But, above all, you will learn lots and lots about wine and the wine industry.

Why subscribe? Who Reads Wine Wanderings?

My readers skew towards wine lovers, travel warriors, and foodies. My readers include new wine friends, my tech buddies from LinkedIn, frequent travelers, the cocktail crews, slow-food gurus, gastrotourism seekers, my GrapeStone Twitter followers, wine o’clock fans, and searchers for the best vineyards and unique restaurants in the world. A couple of cat and dog lovers visit, too. My ragdoll, Lucy, makes appearances occasionally.

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I have been writing online for a long time. A Long Time – I was one of the first digital writers to attend the Symposium for Professional Wine Writers in 2010. Unlike traditional print media writers, I have had to find my own followers, and find my own voice. Most of my best writing has appeared in:

·      LuxeGetaways Magazine

·      The Somm Journal

·      PrimeWomen Magazine

·      Signature Bride Magazine

·      GrapeStone Concepts Blog

·      Food Wine Travel Magazine

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Lucy, the Ragdoll with some of her cellar favorites.